Seed Money

As Grief to Grace begins its initial launch as a ministry, seed money will be necessary to defray many of the costs related to starting such a program from scratch–this general fund would help to cover the expenses of not only physically running retreats, (cost of renting a retreat center, materials for the retreat, etc.), but would also help with a variety of other needs, such as publishing manuals and participant journals, allowing the retreats to run smoothly and effectively.


One of the greatest expenses that is anticipated as Grief To Grace spreads is that of training qualified individuals all over the US to begin offering this weekend retreat. Associated with the base costs of putting on such events, (renting the space, developing materials, etc.), there are also the costs of travel for representatives of the ministry, but we would also like to offer scholarships to groups and individuals who are interested and qualified to offer Grief to Grace, but may have limited resources.

How You Can Help!

As this ministry is launched, dedicated individuals are needed to donate resources to enable this program to reach and help as many people as possible.

We are currently accepting checks as gifts – if you would like to give to help launch this new ministry, please send your gift to:
Grief to Grace Ministries, 743 Roy Road, King of Prussia, PA 19406. 

Staff Development

While we anticipate that many of our sites will be run by volunteers, it is important for us to attract and retain competent, trained individuals to help us in the national office of Grief to Grace Ministries. Currently we have no staff solely dedicated to helping develop the Grief to Grace program, and in order for the ministry to grow both in scope and in resources, we will need development personnel as well as individuals trained specifically to teach others how to run the Grief to Grace program.

Publicity – Getting the Word Out

One of the most essential areas in which we need development is in publicity and advertising. As we move forward, we want anyone who finds themselves in need of our healing program to be able to access it. Helping fund our publicity campaign would include allowing us to develop our website, advertising in a variety of media, and also allowing for representatives of our ministry to travel to a variety of groups, (mental health professionals, other interested ministries, etc.), and inform them about the availability & effectiveness of our program.